The Cost Of Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is very important.  When we consume food, drink beverages and simply talk in the environment, we are taking in germs, bacteria and other items that could decay out teeth.  To fight against this, we perform the task of oral hygiene.  With oral hygiene we don’t have to worry about the all on 4 dental implants cost rockford, or other issues associated with implants.  The reason is our teeth are well taken care of.

Bad Breath

The first cost to not having good oral hygiene is bad breath.  When we have bad breath, odors are exhaled into the atmosphere which when picked up by the olfactory passages of others is foul.  To combat bad breath most people will try to mask the smell by using gum, mints and other methods.  This, however, will not solve the problem.  What this does it just masks the odor for a short period of time, the underlying cause is still there.

Tooth Decay

The next thing that will occur with bad oral hygiene is tooth decay.  When we don’t brush our teeth the components that are in our mouth will begin to eat away at our teeth.  They start by wearing down the protective enamel that protects our teeth.  From there the inner layer is exposed and as a result the bacteria and germs start eating away at our teeth.

Loss of self-esteem

When we don’t have nice teeth, we start to lose our self-esteem.  When we look in the mirror, we see that our teeth are yellow, cracked, chipped or missing.  From there we start to become self-conscious about our breath and other factors.  We start to think of what others are saying about us or what we perceive other to be talking to others about us.

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When it comes to our teeth, take care of them.  The hidden costs are often too high.